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13 September 2023

7 Easy Aussie Christmas Entertaining Recipes

Weather is heating up, fresh produce is at it’s finest and with the festive season approaching, there’s lots of entertaining to be had. Which is why we wanted to put together a post on 9 very easy Aussie Christmas entertaining recipes you can quickly whip up. We are certainly spoilt…

29 September 2020

7 Delicious Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

What do you get when you unite the salty, earthy savour of cheese with a refreshingly sweet and crisp sip of quality wine? A match made in heaven. Some may call us biased, but the combination of cheese and wine is a classic pairing for a reason! Like the proverbial…

15 May 2020

Quarantine Baking Recipes

Coronavirus has forced us to all slow down and if we are being honest, the days are a bit of a blur. In these slow days, we’ve had a chance to get back to basics. And by basics, we mean pantry basics, you know… flour, baking powder, yeast, sugar. In…

20 April 2020

Quarantine Cooking Recipes with a Pinch of Isolation

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from isolation, it’s eating out is a big hobby and second, not touching your face is hard! But a third thing we’ve learnt is to channel our inner chef. A great thing about quarantine is that you have more time to experiment and enjoy the…

12 March 2019

Sweet Treats for the Perfect Mother’s Day High Tea

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a stylish afternoon or high tea. Though the terms afternoon tea and high tea are used interchangeably, a traditional English high tea is a more formal affair, with guests served at a table with high backed dining…

17 February 2019

Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake

With over 400 gluten free products in our range, adapting many recipes can be relatively simple. When it came time to whip up a gluten free cheesecake for my wheat intolerant husband on Valentine’s Day, I know, what a wife, right! #majorbrowniepoints, checking our shelves for something suitable was easy….

31 May 2018

10 of the Most Delicious Uses for Truffle Oil

If you’re looking to strike black gold, Australia’s tastiest truffle extravaganza is just around the corner. There aren’t too many benefits to Perth’s winter, but from June to September, the annual truffle season kicks off in Manjimup. Bellies are warmed, mouths water and hearts are content. Everything we crave in…

23 March 2018

Chocolate Recipes for Only the Most Die-Hard Chocoholics

“Everything in moderation” – that’s the saying, right? Sometimes, we just need to stop and enjoy ourselves by making use of the sweeter things in life, like chocolate. Our range of chocolate products makes for some delicious chocolate inspired recipes. Whether it be your family’s delicious choc chip cookie recipe;…

31 May 2017

Curries – The Ultimate Comfort Food

  Imagine divine smells wafting over the fence, making your envious neighbours wonder what gourmet creations you are whipping up. Try going for a walk around dinner time with all sorts of yummy smells coming out front doors, by the time you get home, you’re completely ravenous. There is no…

26 April 2017

Raspberry and Apple Crumb Slice

Being a Mum myself, there is nothing more appreciated than something cooked for you.  It can just be a mug of her favourite hot drink and some yummy biccies, or even go full hog, and whip up all her brekkie favourites.  Trust me, she’ll think you are all sorts of…