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gourmet food

26 April 2017

Raspberry and Apple Crumb Slice

Being a Mum myself, there is nothing more appreciated than something cooked for you.  It can just be a mug of her favourite hot drink and some yummy biccies, or even go full hog, and whip up all her brekkie favourites.  Trust me, she’ll think you are all sorts of…

17 March 2015

6 Weird Food and Chocolate Combinations You’d Never Guess Were Delicious

Listed as a top natural booster of endorphins and a surprisingly effective aphrodisiac, chocolate really is one of the best foods around. It makes you feel good, stimulates the same feelings in the brain as making love does and can be extremely healthy for you in moderation – I mean,…

9 June 2014

City Wine Event 2014

Over the weekend we had the pleasure to exhibit at the 1st City Wine event, held at the Perth Cultural Centre, Friday night and Saturday afternoon. This was the latest in a string of wonderful food and wine events, held by CMS Events, showcasing tons of incredible local wineries and food…