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17 March 2015

6 Weird Food and Chocolate Combinations You’d Never Guess Were Delicious

Chicken Mole in Sweet Corn Crepes - Flickr

Chicken Mole Crepes via Flickr – Justin Kerne

Listed as a top natural booster of endorphins and a surprisingly effective aphrodisiac, chocolate really is one of the best foods around. It makes you feel good, stimulates the same feelings in the brain as making love does and can be extremely healthy for you in moderation – I mean, how can you go wrong!

With Easter making its grand arrival soon, it’s the perfect time to start thinking those deliciously amazing chocolate thoughts.  From the sweetness of white chocolate, to the depth of its darkness and the smoothness of milky chocolate – there’s so many variations to indulge in.

We know too, that chocolate can be paired beautifully with fresh fruits, nutty flavours and caramel treats – but what about with foods you eat almost every day? There’s oodles of weird food and chocolate combinations you’d never dream of tasting so damn good, so today we’ve uncovered a few of our favourites.

1. Mexican Food and Chocolate Mole Sauce

Drizzling its way in at number one, the combination of Mexican food with chocolate mole sauce is enough to send anyone’s taste buds a little crazy. Here, the chocolate is all in the spicy mole sauce and can be smothered over enchiladas, chicken tacos and pretty much any Mexican food recipe.

Blending the richness of dark chocolate with the traditional spices and chilli of Mexican food, chocolate and meat mix beautifully.  It’s a trend that’s dated back to the Aztec days and to be honest – the Mexican’s have this combination down pact. Here’s a tasty Tequila marinated Chicken + Mexican mole sauce recipe or make the sauce and add it to your own cooking at home.

2. Sweet Potato and Chocolate Oatmeal

Now whoever said chocolate for breakfast is bad for you is wrong. No kidding, we’ve found the perfect kick start to your day that’s not only nutritious but absolutely delicious too! Perfect to wake up to on Easter morning, this sweet potato and chocolate oatmeal will give you all the energy and goodness you need in your day.

Because you’re sneaking in some morning vegies too, this treat is all about balance (and a great one at that). It’s not overly sweet, so you won’t find yourself jumping around too much like an energised bunny and it doesn’t have a ton of sugar in it either (believe it or not!) Complete with the antioxidants of chia seeds and the tastiness of cinnamon, this combo will get even the laziest out of bed for breakfast.

3. Chocolate Éclair Hotdog

Whilst you wouldn’t want to top your hot dog with mustard and sauce this time around, chocolate éclair hotdogs really are the next big thing in fast food. As crazy as the two together sounds, you really do have to wonder why this combination took so long to be created.

Thanks to the Maple Lodge Farms in Canada who are responsible for this creation, chocolate éclair hotdogs may look wrong – but they feel (and taste!) so right. If you really want an extra sugar buzz, and that is totally legit for the Easter long weekend, you can smother your chocolate éclair hotdog in some whipped cream and strawberries too. Go on…I dare you!

4. Cauliflower and Chocolate Cake

Bizarrely brilliant, here’s another chocolate combination that’s actually really good for you. Perfect for those that despise eating healthy; cauliflower and chocolate cake is soft, creamy and seductively scrumptious. Complete with mini chocolate chips cookies this cake can definitely be a part of any health kick or children’s birthday party (trust me, they won’t even know!)

If cauliflower just really isn’t your thing, you can replace it with pumpkin which works just as well. To deepen the colour of the chocolate cake and add some more healthy goodness, you can mix beetroot into the recipe too which boosts the flavour and richness.

5. Chocolate and Avocado Truffles

Let’s be honest here – almost everyone has a soft spot for truffles. I know they’re meant to be on the “bad” list, but what about if there was a healthier option that was still just as delicious (if not more)? You’d be all over it wouldn’t you!?

Made with absolutely no cream, chocolate and avocado truffles are like a party in your mouth without the deadly hangover. Rich in texture and flavour; thanks to the natural creaminess of the avocado, these tasty treats are lavishly luscious and make the perfect power-snack for those constantly on the go.

6. Sesame and Chocolate

The combination that’s like the adult version of chocolate and peanut butter, sesame seeds and chocolate cookies will definitely bring out your wild side. It’s a little naughty, a little savoury and a little sweet all at once. The complex flavour is infused with a nutty brilliance that really sends your taste buds over the edge too.

Whilst the recipe can work with both white and milk chocolate, using dark chocolate will really top it off. A great tip is to lightly toast the sesame seeds beforehand for that extra boost of crunch too. It’s simply divine!

With these weirdly wonderful and outrageous food and chocolate combinations, your Easter should certainly be one to remember. Indulge in a unique form of deliciousness this long weekend!

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