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gluten free

17 February 2019

Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake

With over 400 gluten free products in our range, adapting many recipes can be relatively simple. When it came time to whip up a gluten free cheesecake for my wheat intolerant husband on Valentine‚Äôs Day, I know, what a wife, right! #majorbrowniepoints, checking our shelves for something suitable was easy….

31 May 2017

Curries – The Ultimate Comfort Food

  Imagine divine smells wafting over the fence, making your envious neighbours wonder what gourmet creations you are whipping up. Try going for a walk around dinner time with all sorts of yummy smells coming out front doors, by the time you get home, you’re completely ravenous. There is no…

8 February 2014

Eating gluten-free can be fun!

Gluten-free foods are important for many people, who may require them for a special diet. Unfortunately, gluten can be found in many different food types, so it can be frustrating for food lovers who want to eat the right thing, but still indulge in the best foods that the world…