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8 February 2014

Eating gluten-free can be fun!

Gluten-free foods are important for many people, who may require them for a special diet. Unfortunately, gluten can be found in many different food types, so it can be frustrating for food lovers who want to eat the right thing, but still indulge in the best foods that the world has to offer. Here are some suggestions for your special meal plan. We prove that gluten-free eating can always be fun!

Nougat to nibble on

Nougat is a fabulous treat for people who require or enjoy gluten-free foods. It has a French origin, but we also make spectacular nougat in Australia that will surely tempt you to try it. This desert-style treat is made from sugar or honey, nuts, egg whites, and it sometimes has candied fruits in it, or other types of texture and flavouring. Just In Time Gourmet has an extensive nougat range, with a diverse range of flavours – perfect for moments of indulgence in a gluten-free diet.

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Chocolate covered goodies

Try chocolate covered coffee beans or chocolate covered macadamia nuts. These are perfect for gluten-free lovers who want a treat that is not too sweet, and that they can nibble on in small amounts. Who said that a gluten-free diet is boring?

Chocolate to drink

Most people think of chocolate that comes in a bar, and they forget that one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy chocolate is by drinking it. You can make iced chocolate drinks in the summer, to cool down your days, or stay warm in winter by wrapping your hands around a heated up, chocolate filled mug.

Gourmet sources

Gluten is everywhere, even in gourmet savoury dishes, so Just In Time Gourmet offers speciality sauces so you can prepare a main meal to perfection. Perhaps you have a gluten intolerance yourself and you want to spice up your meal plan, or perhaps you have a guest coming to stay and you are seeking a gluten-free meal that is truly special, easy to make, and scrumptious to eat.

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