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31 May 2017

Curries – The Ultimate Comfort Food


Imagine divine smells wafting over the fence, making your envious neighbours wonder what gourmet creations you are whipping up. Try going for a walk around dinner time with all sorts of yummy smells coming out front doors, by the time you get home, you’re completely ravenous.

There is no better aroma than foods made with exotic spices, whether it be hearty meats or vegies, enticing you to dig in. A curry certainly delivers all that and lots more. No they don’t have to be spicy, but definitely always jam packed with incredible flavour.

Curries are a meal that can be enjoyed all year round but their popularity certainly peaks in the colder months. Not sure whether it’s their warming abilities, hovering over the top of a steaming bowl of curry and rice, or their ability to ward off the dreaded flu by keeping our immune system strong.  Did you know that curries are filled with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, with health benefits ranging from reducing inflammation, aiding digestion and assisting with a healthy heart and strong bones?  Not only do they work wonders filling hungry tummies, but they are extremely good for you.

Curries are definitely a favourite for us, whether it’s more classic Indian style ones, or South East Asian ones.  Curries can be so versatile, using your favourite red or white meat, fresh Australian seafood, or just one big vegie hit, something for everyone’s tastes.

We certainly have made it our mission at Just In Time Gourmet, to stock delicious food ranges that help our fast paced lives. Cooking up quick tasty meals, especially mid-week, is easy!

We have extremely quick and easy cook-in sauces from locally produced Gourmetchef, including Butter Chicken and Korma Curry.  Add coconut milk to their divine Red or Green Thai Curry to lessen the heat factor, but still keep it flavoursome.

Want to get a little creative with Simply Stirred Dinner Packs?  With lots of different variations to choose from like South Indian Madras, Thai Coconut Curry and Tandoori Chicken, these boxes are filled with all the aromatic herbs and spices you need to create a dinner for 4, just add your meat!

Another one of our favourite local producers Ogilvie and Co, have the most delectable sauces with 6 to choose from.  From the spicy Madras to our picks Malabari and Makhni for our “I don’t like hot stuff” (even remotely) daughter. 

Now for the pièce de résistance, Latasha’s Kitchen has concentrated homestyle pastes, condiments, relishes and dressings, crammed with only the freshest of ingredients.  You can so tell that Latasha creates each and every one of her products with such passion, wanting her customers to be able to cook authentic, amazing tasty meals in their own home.   With a range of over 30 products, there is something to excite everyone’s tastebuds.

Now that we’ve given you tons of yummy suggestions, pick a curry you’d like to try, stock up on fragrant rice, and maybe some microwaveable papadums, pillowy naan bread or some crispy samosas, and you’ve got yourself a feast!  Enjoy!

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