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9 May 2017

Surprisingly Delicious & Unusual Wine and Food Matches

Surprisingly Delicious & Unusual Wine and Food Matches

When it comes to wine and food matching, most of us know the basics – white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. Most of the time these rules work pretty well and the match tastes fine. But what if we told you that you can have mind-blowing wine and food experiences where both parties seamlessly compliment each other and in fact make the other one better?

These matches do exist and you won’t really understand what we’re getting at until you experience one. As soon as you do, it’ll make complete sense and like us you’ll spend the rest of your life hunting down those epic and out-of-this-world wine and food pairings.

Of course, every bottle of wine is different and every dish can be slightly different so it’s really a matter of trial and error when it comes to masterfully matching wine with food. However, to give you a head start and to share some of our own discoveries we put the below post together.

PS: If you come across a legendary food and wine combo, please let us know on our Facebook page.

Kangaroo Jerky & GSM (Grenache, Shiraz & Mourvèdre)

Jerky is incredibly delectable and high in protein – what’s not to like about this deliciously meaty snack? Our ideal wine accompaniment is a nice bottle of GSM, however straight wines made from each of the grapes will also go well. The dried kangaroo meat compliments the spiciness, fruit, savouriness and elegant structure of a GSM blend wonderfully.

If Kangaroo is not your thing and you’re more a beef jerky-lover then a bottle Zinfandel or Shiraz is the way to go – the slightly peppery flavours in the wine will be a match made in jerky heaven.

Popcorn & Champagne

Champagne is the queen of the wine world. With the name comes beauty, elegance and high price tags! What we love about champagne is that it goes well with the staple and cost-effective snacks like popcorn! It’s also a match made in heaven for potato crisps and French fries. If you like something sweet on the other hand, grab some nougat to go with your next flute of champas.

PS: Tried and tested, we can also confirm champagne goes exceptionally well with crispy pork crackling!

Wasabi & Sangiovese

The ultimate way to experience this combo is with a good piece of medium rare steak with a bit of wasabi dotted on top. Team this up with a slightly chilled glass of Sangiovese and you’ll be thanking us!

If you’re more into your wasabi mayo then we’d suggest a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc – team the mayo up with some seafood fritters and you have a beautiful summery dish with a divine wine match.

Macadamia Nuts & Viognier or Prosecco

We’re pretty sure we aren’t the only ones who can’t get enough macadamia nuts in their lives. Actually, we’re pretty obsessed with them here at Just In Time Gourmet with numerous sweet and savoury macadamia products gracing our shelves. We find macadamia’s go well with a dry white wine like Viognier as the lemon and apricot flavours in the wine work well with the smooth and creamy taste of the nuts. Either that or a bottle of Prosecco as the slight sweetness in the bubbles can work wonders with the subtle sweetness in the nuts. Wine’o’clock sorted!

Rocky Road Chocolate and Muscat

If you have a major sweet tooth, then this is the ultimate pairing for you! Rocky road chocolate and fortified Muscat wine. The darker the chocolate the more this pairing works. The wine is sweet, dark and high alcoholic so please do be careful when attempting this intoxicating combo.

These are just some of the surprising wine and food pairings that we have come across in our travels. The biggest thing we have learnt on our wine and food journey is that you never know what will and won’t work. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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