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29 September 2020

7 Delicious Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

What do you get when you unite the salty, earthy savour of cheese with a refreshingly sweet and crisp sip of quality wine? A match made in heaven.

Some may call us biased, but the combination of cheese and wine is a classic pairing for a reason! Like the proverbial horse and carriage, wine and cheese are just two things that were meant to be together, each one accentuating the other’s strengths and together creating a culinary experience you won’t soon forget.

Cheese & Wine

Whether you’re entertaining some close friends or trying something special for date night, it’s simply impossible to go wrong when you marry an elegant cheeseboard to an intoxicatingly delicious wine. But with all the options available, choosing the right cheese to serve with your favourite Cab or port may feel like a daunting task.

Luckily, there isn’t a wrong way to pair your wine and cheese – it all depends on your tastebuds. Not sure where to begin? Turn to these seven delicious, tried and tested wine and cheese pairing ideas, each one the perfect partnership of scrumptious flavours and tantalising tastes. We promise that by the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll be ready to start creating your own unique pairings.

1. Blue Cheese and Port

Blue Cheese

Think port is just a dessert wine? Think again. This sweet, full-bodied wine offers a beautifully fruity, nutty flavour, a satiny smooth texture and rich, spicy aromas. With all that port wine has got going on, it’s no surprise that you’ll need a strong cheese to stand up to it.

Pair your port with a pungent blue cheese such as Roquefort or Stilton for a bold tanginess that will surprise and delight you. This robust cheese is also one of the best cheeses to go with fruit, so be sure to serve with some honey-roasted figs or Vinofood Semillon Pickled Pears for an eye-catching and palate-pleasing combination.

2. Brie and Chardonnay

Nothing signals a party like a gooey, decadent melted wheel of high-quality Brie. Often called the king of cheese, Brie sports a bloomy, edible rind with an earthy, mushroomy tang and a centre that’s rich and creamy with a sweet nuttiness. Of course, Brie is divine on its own, but it also pairs well with all sorts of jams and preserves, such as our Ogilvie & Co’s Roast Pepper and Chilli Preserve.

And, of course, you can’t serve Brie without a glass of chardonnay to complement it! The creaminess of chardonnay perfectly accentuates Brie’s smooth texture and buttery flavours.

3. Cheddar and Cabernet Sauvignon

Everyone loves a good Cab. (An exaggeration? We don’t think so.) So it comes as no surprise that this scrumptious wine pairs perfectly with another favourite: good old cheddar.

With bold and fruity flavours, your glass of cabernet sauvignon makes a great contrast to the sharp, peppery tang of cheddar. Be sure to find yourself a well-matured cheddar that will hold up to the robust, full-bodied wine.

Love the classics but want to shake things up a bit? Pair your cheddar and cabernet sauvignon with our Vinofood Chardonnay, Apple and Rosemary Jelly for a unique taste that will blow your mind.

4. Goat’s Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc

Take your tastebuds on a summery journey with a glass of aromatic sauvignon blanc. This bright, fruity French white wine offers delicious piquancy from tart lime, sweet peach and other fruits, making it a real treat any day of the week. And the grassy notes and herby undertones pair unbelievably well with the herbs found in goat’s cheese.

So, whether you’re looking at fresh, crumbly feta or a velvety Clochette, the salty and goaty tanginess of your chosen cheese are doubly delicious when followed by the freshness of sauvignon blanc. For even more texture, consider an additional element to your duo, such as some Pukara Estate Caramelised Onion Jam.

5. Gouda and Merlot

When it comes to versatility, Gouda is your cheese of choice. Semi-soft with a creamy, buttery and sweetly mild flavour, Gouda in your mouth is the culinary equivalent of being wrapped in a toasty blanket on a chilly evening: utter comfort.

And speaking of comfort, there’s nothing more cosy than a smooth and decadent piece of chocolate. Luckily, Gouda – with its slightly nutty taste – goes great with a piece of dark chocolate (although we wouldn’t say no to the Milk Soleo bar from the Cuvee Chocolate Wine Connoisseurs Collection, either).

But what wine could possibly elevate this already beautiful duo? A classic merlot, of course! Just as versatile as Gouda, the subtle but memorable flavours of merlot merge beautifully with the cheese, making it the perfect go-to wine for every occasion.

6. Parmesan and Chianti


Chianti offers a perfect blend of tart fruit, spicy herbs and smokey aromatics that will transport you directly to the heart of Italy. With so much going on in this delectable wine, it begs to be partnered with another Italian classic – Parmigiano-Reggiano or parmesan. The salty, slightly nutty bite of parmesan complements and augments the rich Chianti to such perfection – it’s hard to believe it could get any better.

But believe us, it can. A drizzle of olive oil and a handful of delectable tomatoes round out the Italian experience. Want to take things up a notch? Latasha’s Kitchen Zingy Tomato Chutney is sure to hit the spot.

7. Smoked Cheese and Gin

When it’s flavour you want, it’s smoked cheese you need. You heard it here first.

From classics to specialty cheeses, chances are you’ll find a smoked varietal available that offers you strong tastes and an unbelievably savoury texture. Smoked cheeses often slice well, so give them some added texture with a crunchy cracker like the Moreish Menu Plain Lavosh.

The perfect pairing to the strong flavours of smoked cheese? The refreshing herbal taste of gin. With its fresh juniper undertones and delicate floral notes, gin is the natural wine of choice for serving adjacent to salty and savoury cheeses.

These seven wine and cheese pairings are just the beginning – there’s almost no end to the delectable combinations you can create. Keep experimenting to find wine and cheese pairs that you fall in love with. Above all, remember to follow your gut and trust your tastebuds!

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