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9 May 2013

The health benefits of chocolate

Many people are now learning that chocolate can support our health as it has many nutritional benefits. There are many types of chocolate, and many ways to eat this beautiful and delicious substance, and if you select your chocolate in the highest quality, you will receive the most benefits for your health.

Chocolate has a long history and great relevance to many cultures, including Aztecs and Mayans. Today, chocolate is eaten all around the world, and it is considered as a delicacy that can be eaten often, but in small amounts. Chocolate is used in cooking, drinks and baking, but one of the most enjoyable options is to simply eat it as it is.

Cocoa beans are filled with nutrition

Chocolate is made of cocoa beans, which contain all the nutrients that are good for you. Research supports this fact, and more research is being conducted into this area, especially as it is of importance to so many people who eat it around the world.

Research says that cocoa beans can help prevent heart disease, cancer and other degenerative illnesses. This is because they contain the following nutrients:

  • protein that repairs and maintains cellsChocolate Platter
  • vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for cell membranes
  • calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which support our bones and muscles
  • iron for energy and healthy blood
  • copper, which is great for skin and hair

Very few people will deny that chocolate simply makes us feel good, and there is nothing wrong with that for our health and wellbeing. Sugar in small amounts will lift our mood, caffeine can stimulate our minds and bodies, and fat can even make us feel full and satisfied – so we do not need too much chocolate to feel really great.

If you are choosing chocolate for its health benefits, don’t forget to choose the highest quality you can find. Select chocolate that has been produced locally if you can, make a preference for dark or bitter chocolate, and like any good treat, enjoy it in moderation.

Or forget about all of that, kick your feet up and indulge yourself with the world’s favourite treat!

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