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2 January 2013

Corporate Gifts That Always Please

Businesses and corporations understand the struggle to find gifts that truly satisfy. There are many gifts on the market, aimed at corporations that want to say thank you to their colleagues, employees and clients, but many of them are boring, impersonal and are likely to be thrown away.

Everybody has enough pens

The classic gift is a pen, but these have not withstood the test of time. Even beautiful and handcrafted pens are not as well received as they once may have been. Today, people want something more exciting, something they can use, and something that makes them positive, joyful and happy – something like chocolate!

Indulge your clients with gift hampers

Gift hampers are the perfect choice for fussy people – even those people whom you do not know very well. Almost everybody loves food, and it not only pleases the recipient, but the family and friends that the recipient chooses to share it with.

Food creates memories. From that moment when it is first received in a beautifully crafted gift hamper, to the opening of each individual item, to the enjoyment of tasting each treat. Everyone who indulges in a corporate gift hamper will be truly grateful and undeniably impressed.

Spoil your colleagues with gourmet food

Local produce, gluten-free delights, high-quality chocolate, wines, coffee, biscuits and cakes – the list goes on at Just In Time Gourmet. We take pride in the products we have tried and tasted ourselves, and selected for their perfection and indulgence. We prefer local produce from Perth, and when you choose products from us, you know that you are purchasing true gourmet, Australian foods that will tantalise and delight.

Corporate giftsFor The Foodie Gourmet Food Gift Hamper for any time

Great businesses know how to reward the people who have supported them along the way. You may decide to give gift baskets at Christmas and over the New Year, but we know that they are appreciated on any day – especially when they are least expected. Think about the milestones that you achieve, and never let the important people in your business go unrecognised. A gift hamper or a simple gourmet food product will always send the message of appreciation!

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