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24 January 2017

Romantic Lookouts & Parks for a Perth-fect Valentine’s Day Picnic!

Romantic Lookouts & Picnic Spots in Perth
A summer gourmet picnic is a perfect way to enjoy Valentine’s Day with someone special. Simply add a good bottle of wine and a comfortable blanket to any of these fabulous romantic lookouts in and around Perth for a truly remarkable and fun date whether it’s a new relationship or a 10+ year marriage!

Planning a romantic picnic is relatively simple as it basically consists of combining a secluded and/or quiet picnic spot with delicious foods and drinks. Choose your preferred scenery backdrop; from open grassy meadows, wooded areas or hillside valley views to secluded water scenery including lakes, rivers, waterfalls or the beach. Any time of day is ideal as you can choose an alfresco breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Here are some great Perth picnic locations and gourmet picnic ideas for the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day summer picnic date!

This gem has it all— waterfalls, parkland, walking trails and large granite rocks that are ideal to picnic on! What more could you want?

Exuding plenty of warm country charm and located just 45 minutes east of Perth; this region boasts stunning scenic views, quaint townships and wineries. You are sure to find lots of perfect romantic spots for your Valentine’s Day picnic.

This smaller WA National Park offers impressive views of Perth, the Swan Coastal Plain and Jarrah, Marri and Wandoo Forests. Enjoy a picnic before or after a leisurely stroll or bike ride through the various mountain trails.

Embark on a true Australian adventure, carefully zig-zagging around sharp corners and taking in stunning panoramic views of greater Perth CBD and surrounds. Enjoy the view!

There are two main picnic parks. The lower level one near the water, which is lovely, and the higher one located on the Mosman Park Heritage Trail which has awesome views of Point Walter Reserve and the Swan River. It’s an ideal place for a romantic picnic for two!

Enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline and Swan River as well as the natural beauty of the park itself from the top of either of the two observation towers at the top of the hill. Definitely another fabulous picnic spot in Perth!

No Romantic Lookout but Still Great Picnic Park Options!

This stretch of Perth city coastline is dotted with plenty of tiny secluded alcoves that summon romance with the stunning view along West Coast Drive definitely setting the scene!

Enjoy an invigorating bushland setting complete with water gushing over rocks as you picnic by one of the large boulders and then finish the date with a romantic walk along one of the many bush trails.

Although conveniently located in the heart of the city, there are a few quiet spots that are off the beaten track with sweeping Perth and Swan River views.

Believe it or not, there are several isolated nooks and crannies worth considering, being perfect for ‘two,’ located along the gorgeous North Fremantle riverside.

Another of Perth’s CBD picturesque, often quiet picnic spots, offering extensive gardens, a sheltered gazebo and pond making it ideal for your romantic picnic.

You can also find more of our favourite Perth picnic spots here.

Best Valentine’s Day Picnic Hamper Choices:

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  • Swing Into Spring Picnic Basket includes tasty gourmet condiments, a selection of crackers, antipasto and salad dressing as well as peppermint chocolates in a fabulous fold up basket! Too cute!

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