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5 November 2015

5 Unique Christmas Food Twists

5 Unique Christmas Food Twists - Just In Time Gourmet Perth
We don’t know about you, but Christmas lunch is one of our favourite meals of the year. Planning the menu is a top priority alongside overindulging throughout December and perhaps getting a little tipsy on champagne cocktails and rosé with a side of brandy custard.

Traditional Christmas foods satisfy tummies of all ages, but sometimes you want to add some of your own flair and get a little creative with the classics. Therefore we had a chat to our head honcho Jodee to find out what delectable foodie products you can invite to Christmas lunch in 2015 to give your meal that unique twist and to be officially donned as the Queen/King of Christmas Fare.

Christmas Ham

It’s that Christmas staple which is typically enjoyed not only on Christmas day but for days after on sandwiches, in pasta, on pizza – the list is endless. It truly is the gift that keeps giving. With Ogilvie’s Spiced Citrus & Honey Glaze you’re literally taking your ham to the next level. Plus all you need to do is brush it on (but shhh.. you can tell your guests it was homemade, we won’t tell!). This glaze is so good you may even get through the whole ham in one day, but if not then chuck it in a ham bag and pop it on your toasted sammies the next day!
Ogilvie & Co's Spiced Citrus and Honey Glaze - Christmas Hamper Food Perth

Christmas Pudding

Even though you’ve eaten so much at lunch and you think you’re going to burst, there is ALWAYS room for dessert. The classic Christmas pud can never be turned down. Traditional Christmas pudding is so moist and delicious that’ll you need to go back for seconds, and maybe at the same time change into your stretchy pants too. The best bit is, the award winning company, Pudding Lady, has perfected the recipe and are even making gluten-free Christmas puddings too! You can read about what top foodie blogger Chomp Chomp thought of the gluten-free pudding here as well as other tasty GF ideas for your Christmas lunch.
Pudding Lady Gluten Free Christmas Pudding - Christmas Hamper Idea Perth

Christmas Chocolate

Christmas Day is the best excuse for overindulging in your favourite goodies. Hey there’ll be plenty of time in the New Year to be good right? Mixed chocolate boxes are always a crowd-pleaser so if you’re looking for boutique choccie that is literally melt-in-your-mouth delicious then look no further than the Whistler’s Mixed Platter. It’s perfect for family sharing before or after lunch and they also make a nice treat for Mum when she’s wrapping all those presents in her room (team that with the next item and she’ll be one happy Mum!).
Whistlers Chocolate Mixed Platter - Christmas Hamper Idea Perth

Christmas Wine

Ahh… The season of overindulging is a blissful one indeed. No one brings the ‘Merry’ to Christmas like a good bottle of wine. Whether you’re planning to have a red, white or rosé Christmas, look no further than the exclusive Fifth Estate Wines from the Geographe region in Western Australia. It may just be us, but we think the Fifth Estate Shiraz is dressed particularly festive this season. We also think he could be the one egging you on to dance on the table.
Fifth Estate Wines - Christmas Hamper Idea Perth

Christmas Seafood

For many of us, Christmas is the time of year to go for that extra big seafood order; oysters, scallops, prawns, fish and perhaps even some marron. Unlike other Christmas food it doesn’t tend to weigh you down as much and you can get as creative as you like with the flavours. To mix it up this year why not opt for a range of dipping sauces that everyone at the table can mix and match with their favourite seafood to really satisfy their own taste buds. You could even set up a seafood station to really send those seafood fanatics in family into a frenzy. The Ogilvie & Co Seafood Quad Pack is bursting with flavours with mango mayonnaise to honey chilli dipping sauce. Yum!
Ogilvie & Co's Seafood Delight Pack - Christmas Hamper Ideas Perth

There are literally so many goodies on the market to give your Christmas lunch that extra little twist in 2015. Feel free to browse our range, including our speciality Christmas products to chuck into one of our create your own hampers or if you’re looking for a quick fix then head to our pre-designed Christmas hampers section with tried and tested gift baskets that are guaranteed to please.

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