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21 June 2017

World Food Days Calendar 2018

World Food Days - Just In Time Gourmet
We probably don’t need yet another excuse to treat ourselves to glorious gourmet food, however, it would be rude not to celebrate if the entire world is right? At Just In Time Gourmet HQ we continue to get the memo late when it’s an important international food day of the year, so we thought why don’t we do the legwork and put together a bit of an ‘International Food Day Calendar’ which we will continue to update every year.

As we are based in Australia, we will also include national food days here in Aussie too as it would be criminal not to mention things like National Bacon Week! So, we suggest you bookmark this page or keep the link handy so you’re prepared when it comes to celebrating one of the many tasty food days around the world.

PS: And if you’re wondering, no we didn’t make these dates up – the source for each is linked to below. You owe your thanks to them, not us but we can help you shop for treats to help celebrate.


·         16 January: International Hot and Spicy Food Day

·         23 January: Pie Day


·         5 February: World Nutella Day

·         13 February: Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day (47 Days before Easter every year)


·         9 March: Meatball Day


·         11 May: Eat What You Want Day

·         13 May: International Hummus Day

·         28 May: International Hamburger Day


·         17 June: Eat Your Vegetables Day

·         18 June: International Sushi Day

·         21 June: Red Apple Day in support of Bowel Cancer Australia

·         25 June – 1 July: National Bacon Week


·         7 July: World Chocolate Day

·         13 July: National French Fry Day

·         21 July: Lamington Day


·         1 October: International Coffee Day

·         9 October: International Beer & Pizza Day

·         10 October: World Porridge Day

·         16 October: World Food Day


·      1 November: World Vegan Day


·     4 December: National Cookie Day

Stay tuned for the 2019 Food Days Calendar which will be up in January 2019!

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