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17 December 2019

Quirky & Unique Gift Card Message Ideas for Popular Occasions

Gift messages JINTGQuirky & Unique Gift Card Message Ideas for Popular Occasions


Let’s be honest, trying to come up with a unique message in gift cards can be unnecessarily difficult. Buying the gift is always the fun part. But the card is often the last touch we almost forget to do as we rush out the door to the event.

Even with access to the big wide web, and limitless card ideas, it’s hard to find messages that are truly unique and quirky.

We’ve taken the time to search, create and compile a useful list of gift card messages ideas you will actually use. Get ready to laugh, feel butterflies, smize, cry and potentially roll your eyes.

It’s a list we believe in and a list that will definitely make your friends and family believe you are gifted in the art of gift card messages.

Even better, bookmark this article for easy access. That way anytime you are faced with the dreaded task of writing in a gift card, you’ll have it right there ready to go!

gift card messageBirthday Gift Card Messages

Birthday presents seem never-ending and so are the cards. We’ve got you sorted for many birthdays to come with carefully curated birthday gift messages.


To my best friend,

It’s like you just turned 18.

Twenty years ago, that is. Happy Birthday!

I’ll love you no matter how old we get.


Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake!
Wishing you a sweet and delicious birthday!


To my oldest bud,

Happy Birthday!

Stand back! We’re going to need a lot of candles for this one!


I have a confession to make:

Your cake’s missing candles!
But that’s okay, let’s just say it’s your 20th birthday!


Thirty rhymes with thirsty!

Your next beer is on me!

Happy 30th Birthday!

Here’s to more years of happiness, fun, and bottomless beers!



You’re vintage!

Happy Birthday!


Wishing you a day as unforgettable as I am!

Happy Birthday!


One year closer to granny panties!

Happy Birthday!


Your birthday is becoming a serious fire hazard!


I remembered your birthday without Facebook.

You’re welcome.


The older you get

The better you get.

Unless you’re a banana.

Happy Birthday, pal!

valentines day gift card message

Valentine’s Day Card Messages

Working out what to write in valentines cards is the challenging part.

You’ve nailed the perfect valentines present, but now it’s time to write the card. Whether you’re a romantic, struggle with your words, love puns, or don’t have a romantic bone in your body, there is a valentines card message here for you. We’ve got valentines day messages for him, valentines day messages for her, funny valentines day messages.


You make everything better.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Like bacon for breakfast and icing on cake- everything’s better with you.


To my forever partner,

Happy Hearts Day!

Thank you for being brave with me.

I love you so much.


You are the gin to my tonic!

Happy Valentine’s Day my love!


You’re the best* thing in my life!

*(besides wine)


Baby, you are my gravity, because,

I’m always falling for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I love pizza.

But I love you too.

I knead you in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dearest sweetheart,

I’d pause my game for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you to the moon and back.


You must be an alien because you are truly out of this world!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hey, hot stuff!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You spice up my life.

I love you!


What’s buzzin’?

It’s Valentine’s Day, honey!

Life is definitely sweeter when you’re around. That’s why we make one sticky pair. Love you!


You’ll do!

Bit too late to swap you now.

Happy Hearts Days sweetie!


Overall, I love you more than I want to strangle you.



Here’s a cheesy thought.

Will you brie mine?

Happy Valentine’s Day to the person who’s so gouda for me.

I love you.


I’m yours.

No refunds!

Sorry about that!

engagement gift message ideaEngagement Gift Card Messages

Finding the right engagement gift can be challenging because it needs to be a present that both people will like. Same goes for the card. We got you covered with tasteful and sweet gift card message ideas.


Congrats on the engagement!

Here’s to love!

I am so happy for you two. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world.


You’re one lucky couple.

Happy engagement!

I’m so happy for you both! Looking forward to the wedding.


To my best friend and her wonderful fiancé,

A toast to happily ever after.

My best wishes to both of you!


To my favourite people,


No two people are more perfect for each other.


So happy for you and your new ring! (And fiancé, I guess.)


Enjoy your ride.

Hand in hand.

Side by side.

mothers day gift card messageMother’s Day Gift Card Messages

Mothers are the best. While we know they deserve an island, all most of us can give is a show of our gratitude with a thoughtful mother’s day gift and card. We’ve got a choice of simple, sweet, and outright suck-up.


To the sunshine of our life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

You fill our home with light and our hearts with laughter. We love you!


You’re the best, in every way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Best cook, best mentor, best friend-

All our love.


Happy Mother’s Day!

To my second least embarrassing parent.


To our terrific Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Thank you for patiently guiding us through the years.

We love you!


Thank you for putting up with

A whiny, spoilt, moody,

Ungrateful child…

Like my sister.

Love always, your favourite.


To my Mummy,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your loving spirit helped me find my own.

Love you, mum!


Fine, I will admit it.

I got it from my Mumma.

Everything I needed to know, I learned from you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you!


Happy Mother’s Day!

From your favourite child.


I smile because you’re my mum.

& I laugh because there’s

Nothing you can do about it.

fathers day gift card message

Father’s Day Gift Card Messages

Dads. Super great dudes, super hard to buy presents for. To save you the effort of the card, we’ve got a bunch you can pinch.


You deserve a trophy for being a cool Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!
No trophies though, just this heartfelt card.


To the first hero I’ve ever had,

Thank you for everything.

Happy Father’s Day!


It’s your day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Thanks for all the dad jokes! I swear they’re funny!


Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day!

From your favourite kid.

(you know which one)


We’re so glad Mum picked you!

Happy Father’s Day to you!

Thank you for stepping up to the plate and making us feel loved every day.

You’re amazing!


Happy Farters Father’s Day!


No other dad will do.

Happy Father’s Day!

If I could be born all over again, I would still choose you.

Love you, Dad!


Happy Father’s Day, super Dad!

Thanks a latte.

You’re my favourite coffee buddy. I love you so much!


Thanks to your efforts,

I turned out cool.

Thanks for being the coolest dad in town.

Happy Father’s Day!


To the world’s best Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!

I love you from the top of your head down to your stinky toes.

baby shower gift card message

Baby Shower Gift Messages

Possibly the best occasion of the bunch. Not only are baby gifts fun to buy, it’s always easy to find cute cards. What to write on them is another story. Choose from funny, sarcastic or downright adorable!


Dear Parents-to-be,

Welcome to parenthood!

Get ready for a lot of sleepless nights.

So, sleep while you still can!


Hope you’re ready for giggles, smiles and grins.

Congratulations, you’re having twins!


Twinkle twinkle!

Little star,

A baby star is on his way!


Don’t think we forgot!

Hooray for your tot!

Congratulations on the new baby!



Don’t worry,

While you’re pregnant

I’ll drink for the both of us.


Congrats to your future as a total MILF!



Shit just got real!


Congrats on the new boobs!

And the baby bump too!


1 + 1 = 3

Congrats on your new addition!



A mini you!



Hitting the bottle is about to take on a whole new meaning.


Your laundry is about to get super cute!


At Just in Time Gourmet, we can create personalised cards to add to any hamper. Pick one of the above gift card messages, or make up your own and we can place it in your hamper. Get in touch if you would like to add a personalised gift card to your hamper purchase.

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