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2 May 2019

Essentials for Creating the Most Luxurious Gift Hamper

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Luxurious gift hampers are great for showing your recipient you care. Whether you are choosing a hamper for your best friend’s baby shower or for your boss’s birthday, the luxury hamper experts here at Just In Time Gourmet can help you create an incredible gift that your recipient will love.

While we have many pre-designed luxury pamper gift hampers for you to choose from, you can take your gift to the next level – creating your own hamper by choosing the items yourself. This way, your gift will be personal and memorable. Here’s how to do it right.


Know Your Recipient

Before you can start choosing items for your luxury gift hamper, you need to take the time to think about who will be receiving your gift. Consider their likes and dislikes, as well as their personal interests and passions. If you don’t know the person very well – for example, if you are buying a team gift for a co-worker you are not so close to – don’t be afraid to ask others for input. The more you know about the person, the easier it will be to select appropriate options.


Come Up with a Theme

In addition to personalising your luxury hamper for your recipient, you’ll also want to ensure the items in the hamper all go together. Come up with an overall theme for your gift. In many cases, this may be something related to the occasion for the gift. For example, a Valentine’s Day gift hamper might include romantic items, like wine and chocolate, while a retirement gift might feature a celebratory bottle of wine and a selection of board games.

If the occasion doesn’t warrant a specific theme, you can base your theme around your recipient instead. For example, if your cousin loves to host backyard barbies, create a BBQ gift hamper with items that focus on grilling, like meat marinades and seasonings, along with a rich bottle of red wine. For your yoga-loving co-worker, you might include items made with all-natural ingredients to complement their lifestyle.


Create a Complete Gift

Think about how all of the items in your luxury hamper will go together. If you include a few bottles of local craft beer, for example, don’t forget to add the appropriate glasses so that your gift recipient can enjoy their beverage properly. When choosing food items to go with the gift, consider the flavours of each of the items so that you can choose ones that complement each other.

To help guide you in making your choices, start with a primary gift, then build the rest of the hamper around it. If you were to receive that particular item as a gift, what else would you want or need to go with it? What other items do you associate with it? Your answers should give you plenty of inspiration for filling out the rest of your custom hamper.


Unique Items for the Perfect Luxurious Gift Hamper

Just In Time Gourmet have many different items in our selection, from gift hamper staples like local West Australia wines and delicious gourmet chocolates, to more unique items you won’t find anywhere else. Check out a few of our more unique luxury items below to help jump-start your inspiration.

  • Fishing Quote Coasters – Treat the fishing enthusiast in your life to this quirky set of coasters. They’ll be able to protect their furniture while bringing a bit of their outdoor passion indoors.
  • Pram Clips – Every new mum or dad needs a set of these. When out with bub in the pram, they’ll be grateful for your gift every time they clip things onto the frame, so they don’t have to carry anything.

You’ll find all of these items and more in our selection, so be sure to browse through all products so you don’t miss out on the perfect gift.

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