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1 April 2019

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Parents

baby shower gift ideas

A new baby is a cause for celebration not only for the parents-to-be but also for their friends and relatives. A baby shower is a wonderful way for people close to the new family to come together and show how excited they are about the new arrival. It’s also a great chance for mum and dad to be relieved of some of the expenses that come with a newborn, and stock up on necessities and useful baby items.

If you’ve been invited to such an occasion and you’re looking for some baby shower gift ideas that will be perfect for mum and dad, as well as baby, here are some ideas to consider.


1. Monthly Milestone Blanket

parenting 101 baby gift boxBabies grow and change quickly, and so it’s become increasingly popular for new parents to take a photo of their little one on the same backdrop every month, so they can look back and see how much they’ve changed.

Monthly milestone blankets double-up as both a cosy and practical blanket or swaddle for baby, and an attractive backdrop for photos to share on social media or keep as a memento.


2. White Noise Machine

One thing all new parents definitely need more of is sleep! While newborns may sleep a lot, they’re also notorious for waking multiple times a night, and crying for hours before they finally drop off.

There’s a bit of an art to getting babies to sleep and not every technique works for every baby. One trick that does seem to have a very high success rate at lulling babies to sleep is white noise.

A white noise machine recreates the noises of the womb to calm and relax newborn babies. It also helps to block out external noises that may disturb the baby’s sleep.


3. A Gift Hamper

sugar and spice baby girl gift box - just in time gourmetHampers are always exciting for the recipient because they’re several gifts in one and you can tailor the contents to your budget and the personality and style of the person you’re giving it to.

Just In Time Gourmet have themed baby gift hampers in blue or pink containing a newborn clothing set, cute plush teddy, and goodies like sherbet candy, chocolate chip cookies, and macadamias to help mum and dad keep their energy levels up!


4. Baby Board Books

There are so many benefits to reading to children from a young age and sitting together with a book before bedtime is an enjoyable bonding experience for both mums and dads to enjoy with even the youngest babies.

It takes a few months for babies to develop their vision enough to see pictures clearly, so books with bold black and white patterns and pictures of faces are great for newborns.

Older babies love looking at bright colours and enjoy stories with simple repetitive language. Look for titles by Mem Fox, Eric Carle, Sandra Boynton, and Rod Campbell, which have been favourites for generations. The touchable “That’s not my…” series by Usborne are a big hit with babies starting to explore their environment too.


5. Pampering Set for Mum

sweeten her up mothers day hamper - just in time gourmet perth

Sweet Her Up Gift Basket

It’s easy to get carried away looking at cute little outfits when you’re shopping for a baby shower gift, but it’s always nice for the new mum to receive at least a couple of gifts that are for her rather than the baby.

Pregnancy and childbirth are hard on the body and looking after a baby takes its toll. Most new mums are so sleep-deprived and busy with their new baby that a little pampering could make all the difference.

Put together some relaxing bath oils, luxurious body butter, and skincare products that can help her to get a bit of that pregnancy glow back after the baby arrives – even if she’s been up until the early hours.


6. Matching Dad and Baby T-shirts

matching dad and baby tshirt

Don’t forget dad when you’re shopping for gifts! It’s common for dads to feel a little left out when everyone is fussing over the mum and baby but remember they will appreciate a thoughtful gift too.

There are some really cute matching clothing sets available for dads and babies now – or you could even go all out and buy a set for the whole family. This is a gift that’s sure to put smiles on their faces and make for some great family photos.


7. A Date Night

Having a baby puts a strain on even the strongest relationships, and every new mum and dad will appreciate the chance to spend a couple of hours alone together to reconnect.

Vouchers for a restaurant or date night that can be redeemed at a convenient time will make a thoughtful gift that’s sure to be appreciated, or you could even just make your own voucher for future babysitting services.


Just In Time Gourmet has a range of gift hampers for baby showers or newborn gifts. Choose from a parenting gift box, little boy blue or sugar and spice hampers or create your own. Need help? Contact us today.

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