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8 January 2014

Buying local. The best of Australian produce

Just in Time Gourmet loves Australian produce, especially items that are grown or made in the Perth or Western Australia regions. We support local businesses and the wares they produce, because we know that local is best! When you look around our store, remember that our products have been selected carefully by us, with great consideration for the region that they come from.

Local food is fresherExclusively Ogilvies Gourmet Food Gift Hamper

International products must be transported long distances, and even in Australia products need to be sent from one side of the country to the other – which is a long way. Buying local food means that it may have been picked or created recently, and it will not have spent a long time in storage, where many products lose their freshness and great natural taste.

Stay in touch with the seasons

Get back to nature, and learn to live in the natural world that is around you. When you buy local produce you are not only getting fresher goods, but you are learning about how they are made and when. Buying local produce helps you keep in touch with the seasons, especially if you are purchasing some of our wonderful local truffles, which are only available at certain times of the year.

Support local farmers and producers

Local food is great for the economy – your economy. When you make an effort to select local produce, you are helping the farmers and producers in your region, and the positive effects will be noticed by the community that you live in yourself.

Local produce always tells a story, and many producers have learned to include the story of their farm or their factory in their packaging. You can learn about a certain geographical region buy treating yourself to the local produce – so even if you are not from Perth, you can learn good things about the area when you try the local gourmet treats. You will certainly be impressed!

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