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21 January 2016

Perth Restaurant Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We don’t know about you guys, but we think food is pretty darn romantic. A delicious home-cooked meal can leave you with immense feelings of euphoria and a meal out where no one has to cook or clean can mean that you can devote 100% of your attention to your loved one across the table and of course that perfection on a plate in front of you.

Whether you like to dine in or out, participate in food-fuelled experiences or be showered with food glorious food – we have asked some of Perth’s top foodie bloggers what their recommendations are for Valentine’s Day 2016. These guys are food nuts (no pun intended) and we’re pretty sure your lucky other half will have one happy tummy after indulging in one of these foodie date ideas…

Kristy from Queen of Bad Timing

“Valentine’s Day can be a little overwhelming and crowded but there are some places that do it really well. A couple of years ago we had a beautiful night out at the Subi Hotel which was just the right setting for a balmy evening that was crying out for cocktails. Another venue we’ve loved was Bonsai in Northbridge who offer a selection of delicious bites and an intimate lighting to escape from the world outside”.
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Brooke from Cooking 101 Learn Create Inspire

“When I start thinking about what my hubby and I are going to do for Valentine’s Day, I have to admit that it is always focused around good food and wine! We tend to not buy each other expensive gifts, and prefer to spend our money on a nice meal out on the town, or a romantic meal cooked at home. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to break away from the kids during the day, indulging in a fabulous meal at one of our fave eat outs in Perth. But most often than not it is spent lazing around in bed in the morning, with the kids jumping and climbing all over us, followed by a relaxed day pottering around the house, ending in a special meal cooked for my hubby once the kids have settled down for the night!

Food is love in our house, and as long as there is a couple of decent bottles of champas or SBS on hand, and a bunch of local fresh goodies to make a meal from, we are both the happiest people ever! To inspire you in the kitchen, I thought I’d share with you some of my husband’s most treasured dishes that I have made for him over the years. Not only are they all richly full flavoured, but they are all really simple dishes, made very special ingredients!  Oh I can feel the relaxing foodie romance of it all now! Mmmmmm heehee”

Brooke - Cooking 101

Michelle from Foodie Cravings

“My latest favourite romantic restaurant would have to be Shadow Wine Bar at the Alex Hotel. Burger Boy (my burger eating other half) and I on an 11pm curfew by the in-laws walked in to Shadow Wine Bar at 8pm without reservation on a Saturday night for our 6 year wedding anniversary and absolutely loved it. We enjoyed great wines at the bar as recommended by the bar staff before scoring a table by the window within half an hour. Deep in conversation, we watched Northbridge buzz and indulged in Shadow Wine Bar’s amazing service, food and atmosphere at a reasonable price (we spent $180 on three courses plus drinks). The portions are small but surprisingly filling – the crab spaghettini and tomato heirloom salads are out of this world!”
Foodie Cravings Perth Blog

April from What Can I Bake

“One of my most favourite romantic places to dine out with my Husband would have to be C Restaurant, Perth’s only revolving restaurant! We’ve dined here a couple of times now and we love the personalized service and know just how much of a treat we are in for with the lovely quality of the dishes that will be served alongside that amazing 360 degree view!”
What Can I Bake Perth Blog

Carly from Perth Munchkin

“My favourite romantic restaurant in Perth would have to be Restaurant Amuse. Perhaps for me it will always hold a special place in my heart as this is where my husband first took me for a leisurely degustation dinner back in the day, but the few lucky times we’ve enjoyed a meal there since it has been just as memorable. For lovers of fine food and wine it is the ultimate and to be able to share such an amazing dining experience with your special someone…. it’s just so darn romantic if you ask me”.
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Casey from Travelling Corkscrew

“Seeing as I’m a shocking cook, a romantic date of food and wine definitely means dining out. I have never been disappointed with a visit to Riverbank Estate, the food, the service and the ambiance are the perfect mix for a date (whether that’s with someone or you just want a date with some good food!). They also have a special V-Day dinner with a peanut butter ice-cream and jelly sandwich on the menu! Fillaudeau’s at Pinelli Estate will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the restaurant my lovely Mr. Spittoon took me too just after we got engaged. We have had many romantic evenings here with the French inspired food and wonderfully friendly service by chef Manu and all the team.”

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If you are looking to stay in this Valentine’s Day and indulge in a home-made meal or a basket full of goodies, make sure to check out our range of delectable Valentine’s Day hampers.

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