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21 March 2017

5 Ways to Not Ruin Your Diet This Easter

5 Ways to Not Ruin Your Diet This Easter

There’s nothing better when you have a long weekend full of good food and company, yet are still able to have a healthy balance and not ruin your diet in the one weekend.

As you guys know, we love our gourmet food here at Just In Time Gourmet and are suckers for chocolate yet we also understand healthy living is super important to a happy life. Therefore, we have put together some suggestions on how to enjoy your Easter hampers minus the guilt!

1. Get a head start

We’re not saying you should get up early on your well-earned holiday, but the best defence is a good offence. Prepare for a heavy weekend with a hardcore gym session or a long run and earn your chocolate egg before you eat it.

If you just can’t wait to get out and have some fun, give HIIT (high intensity interval training’ a go. Not only will it take half the time of your usual aerobic workout but it can improve your body composition and increase your metabolism. That’s more muscle, less fat, and more permanent effects. Results!

2. Chocolate is good for you

Listen, can you hear the chocoholics cheering? Unfortunately, the health benefits of cocoa are outweighed by the sugar content of milk chocolate. But studies have shown that dark chocolate is full of minerals such as potassium, zinc, and selenium. Due to its bioactive compounds, it can improve blood flow in the arteries.

So, you can enjoy some adorable, guilt free indulgence this weekend.

3. If in doubt, carry snacks

We all have our weaknesses and really, not everyone can be good all the time. It’s easier to avoid snacking on naughty treats when you aren’t feeling the effects of hangriness.

Pop a small lunchbox with an ice pack and some fruit in your bag for the day and pull it out when you’re peckish. If you’re feeling creative, we love this recipe from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen for dark chocolate cups filled with summer berries.

As we now know, a bit of dark chocolate is good for you so you could even dunk your favourite fruits in melted dark chocolate and refrigerate for an extra delicious treat.

4. Don’t wait, hydrate!

Let’s be honest, we’re all going to have a few more drinks this weekend than we usually would. Alcohol is a serious suspect for a lot of unexpected weight gain, partly due to its high calorie content and because you’re less likely to head to the gym with a hangover.

Stave off the hangover by alternating water and alcohol. Having a glass of water after each beer will prevent the dehydration caused by alcohol. This will decrease your chances of skipping the gym and of wasting one of your well-earned days off.

It turns out that some light cardio can actually help ease your hangover too. Don’t go too hard or you could risk further dehydration but a brisk walk or gentle cycle might do you good.

5. Get the family involved

It’s always easier to get some exercise when you have support or at least people dragging you out of the house. Post your Easter Sunday hot-cross bun fix, head out for a walk with the family or go the park for a kick about.

It’s better for your digestion than falling asleep in front of the telly and you’ll get some wholesome quality time after a long, heavy weekend.

Managing Director, Peter Hodgson of Orbit Fitness also suggests to get moving by creating a family Easter egg hunt:

“We might suggest that you organise an egg hunt for the family, this will get everyone outside and on the move. When hiding those small chocolate eggs, you make sure you are squatting using the large muscles of your body with you head up with your back straight and maybe get a few extra reps in to make it worthwhile. You may also have to crawl into a couple of small places to hide the treats and while you are down on all fours you could do a few push-ups or a couple of planks to tone up your core”

If you’ve managed to get all the way to Easter without giving up on your New Year’s resolution to lose the Christmas/festive season weight, you don’t have to let it all go to waste with these top tips! The key to staying healthy over a holiday weekend is all about staying balanced.

Don’t forget to order one of our deliciously indulgent Easter hampers to reward yourself and your family for being so good this weekend. Happy Easter!

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