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Choc-A-Rama - Chocolate Gift Basket

Jam packed of all our favourites, perfect for sharing with the whole family, this one is definitely our most popular chocolate hamper

  • Whistlers Rocky Road Almonds & Jelly Half Slab 500g
  • Whistlers Coconut Rough 200g
  • Whistlers Handmade Choc Honeycomb 200g
  • Whistlers Milk Choc Freckles 50g x 2
  • Whistlers Chocolate Snakes 200g
  • Berries Online Yoghurt Coated Cherries 150g now discontinued - so will be replaced with equally awesome chocolate product
  • Chocolate Company Hot Choc Spoon 50g (Various flavours)
  • Chocolate Company Choc Bar 60g (Various flavours)
  • Barossa Decadence Fudge 150g (Various flavours)
  • Beautifully packaged for male or female in a wicker gift basket
  • Choc-A-Rama - Chocolate Gift Basket