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  • Eggs-Treme Easter Overload - Chocolate Basket

Eggs-Treme Easter Overload - Chocolate Basket

With so much chocolate and other goodies, there's tons to share around for the whole family (maybe just hide away your favourites!)

  • Molly Woppy Choc Dipped Bunny Gingerbread Ears 145g
  • Whistlers Large Anna Milk Choc Bunny 300g
  • Whistlers Carrot Bunny with Mixed Eggs 500g
  • Whistlers Freckled Egg 150g
  • Whistlers Rocky Road Egg 300g - Various flavours
  • Whistlers Filled Half Egg 150/180g - Various flavours
  • Whistlers Single Foiled Eggs 100g x 2
  • Duck Creek Macadamias Fantasies Gift Box 
  • Chocolate Gems Easter Half Eggs Box 120g
  • Gorgeously presented in a large wicker basket

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