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  • Gage Roads Pinkys Sunset Cider, 2 x 330ml

Gage Roads Pinkys Sunset Cider, 2 x 330ml

Experience the authentic taste of real homegrown Pink Lady apple juice, meticulously brewed to perfection for a genuine apple essence. Revel in its crisp and refreshingly tart profile, perfectly balanced with lower sugar content, offering just the right amount of sweetness for a gratifying sip.

A delightful fusion of nature's finest Pink Lady apples, handcrafted for the discerning palate. Infused with the essence of a classic Pinky's sunset, this cider exudes golden juicy vibes that transport you to orchard bliss.

Whether enjoyed on a sunny afternoon picnic or gifted as a thoughtful addition to gourmet hampers, this cider promises a memorable drinking experience that embodies the essence of pure indulgence.

4.5% ABV, Gluten free and vegan friendly

Please note: Due to Liquor Control regulations, alcohol must not exceed 50% of the value of each gift hamper