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  • Perk Me Up - Coffee Gift Tin

Perk Me Up - Coffee Gift Tin

The ultimate pick-me-up for coffee lovers and sweet-tooth enthusiasts alike! 

Indulge in the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee as you dive into a treasure trove of treats. Crunch on the irresistible chocolate-covered coffee beans and rich chocolate macadamias for an instant energy boost, savour the smoothness of our Rubra coffee bags, and experience the heavenly combination of coffee and fudge in every bite.

Gift tin includes:

  • Rhuby Delights Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans 125g
  • Rubra Coffee In A Bag - 10 pack
  • Duck Creek Mocha Chocolate Macadamias 165g
  • Barossa Decadence Coffee and Walnut Fudge 150g
  • Charlotte Piper Caramelised Chocolate Bark 80g
  • All tucked tightly in an easy access gift tin for when the cravings hit