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  • Funky Monkey Non Alcoholic Wines - Various

Funky Monkey Non Alcoholic Wines - Various

Funky Monkey from Fourth Wave Wines has well and truly impressed us with their non-alcoholic wines! If you're looking for zero alcohol wine that tastes close to the real thing, then you've come to the right place. We have three options you can choose from:

Zero Alcohol Blanc de Blancs

This non-alcoholic sparkling wine is dry and absolutely refreshing. It's sealed with a crown cap, so it's nice and easy to open. Think zippy, zesty flavours of citrus and crunchy apples. It makes a great accompaniment to a summer picnic, cheeseboard or simply to just enjoy with great company. 

Zero Alcohol Rosé

Light, easy drinking and darn smashable sums up this non-alcoholic rosé. It has delicate flavours of red summer berries and it's definitely an all-day-rosé with the added bonus of no hangover the next day. 

Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir must be one of the perfect grape varieties to make non-alcoholic red wine from. This zero alcohol Pinot Noir is light, fruity  and has a touch of earthiness to it as well. Just like the real deal, minus the alcohol.

All the Funky Monkey wines are made with grapes grown in South Australia and are hand crafted using boutique small batch winemaking techniques. They are made like normal wine and then the alcohol is removed.