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  • Finn's Smokehouse Sour Whiskey Barbecue Sauce 500ml

Finn's Smokehouse Sour Whiskey Barbecue Sauce 500ml

The ultimate blend of smoky, tangy, and sweet flavours, Finn's Smokehouse Sour Whiskey BBQ sauce is one bottle that needs to be on hand at every barbecue! This sauce features a rich infusion of whiskey that adds depth and a hint of sour zest, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of ripe tomatoes and a medley of spices.

Ideal for grilling, marinating, or as a dipping sauce, it transforms ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences. Slather it on ribs, burgers, or chicken wings for a mouthwatering barbecue feast, or use it as a secret ingredient in your homemade baked beans and pulled pork recipes. 

Gluten Free

W/S Ctn: 6