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  • Call The Doctor - Get Well Gift Tin

Call The Doctor - Get Well Gift Tin

A nice dollop of honey in a warming cup of tea, lemon lollies and all the brightly coloured chocolate and biscuits to make your gift recipient feel a tad bit better, should have them fighting fit in no time

  • Rubra Tea Cube Pack
  • Chocolate Company Chocolate Spoon
  • Ogilvie & Co Flavoured Honey 115ml
  • Ogilvie & Co Lemon Sherbet Rock 95g
  • Whistlers Mini Freckle 50g
  • Bettenays Margaret River Nougat 90g
  • Bellaberry Emergency Milk Chocolate Block 100g
  • Charlies Cookies Artisan Cookie 50g
  • Coconut Revolution Hand Cream or Shampoo 50g
  • Delivered in a First Aid tin