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Twist and Shout - Licorice Basket

Whether you say licorice or liquorice, this sweet basket is full of licorice twists, chocolate coated licorice and aniseed goodness. 

Treat the liquorice lover with:

  • Australian Sweet Co Choc Aniseed Rock 170g
  • Australian Sweet Co Red Aniseed Balls 160g
  • Bettenay's Margaret River Liquorice Twist Nougat 200g
  • Lakrids Passionfruit Choc Coated Liquorice 150g
  • Lakrids Salt and Caramel Choc Coated Liquorice 250g
  • Whistlers Raspberry Licorice Twists 300g
  • Whistlers Black Licorice Twists 300g
  • Whistlers Choc Coated Licorice Sticks 2 pack 80g
  • Displayed and decorated in a wicker basket


  • Twist and Shout - Licorice Basket