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Bloke Stuff - Gift Tin

All blokes need somewhere to hide away all their random stuff us girls don't want to see, making the house look messy, and what better than to fill it with yummy chocolates and treats first

  • Whistlers Chocolate Peanut Brittle 250g
  • Whistlers Chocolate Licorice Stick Twin Pack
  • Bellaberry Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
  • Duck Creek Macadamias 80g - Various Flavours
  • Bigwig Jerky Co Jerky 40g - Various Flavours
  • Bettenays Margaret River Nougat 100g - Various Flavours
  • Comes in your choice of a handy tin to hide all his stuff later


  • Bloke Stuff - Gift Tin
  • Bloke Stuff - Gift Tin
  • Bloke Stuff - Gift Tin