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21 October 2016

The Must Read Guide to Corporate Gifts for the Jolly Season

The Must Read Guide to Corporate Gifts for the Jolly Season

Corporate gift giving is about more than just thanking your clients on special occasions such as anniversaries or holidays. A thoughtful, practical and well-packaged gift can cement a business relationship for years and years to come. However, a cursory, cheap and generic corporate gift may have the opposite effect.

Clearly, selecting the right gift for your clients is important. Your aim is to thank the client, show appreciation and build the business relationship. So how do you go about selecting the right corporate gift?

What not to do

  • Don’t send a generic gift. A generic gift may save time. However, it will lack the individual touch. Company executives will recognise the gift for what it is: a formula present that you buy in bulk and distribute to all clients.
  • Don’t leave it till the last minute. It’ll cause stress on you as you’ll be hurried and will have less options to choose from. Being organised is the key so you can put the thought and time into a gift your client/customers will fully appreciate.
  • Don’t send promotional gifts. Avoid sending a gift that could double as a handout at a trade show. This could be a pen with your logo and contact details. Not only could this be seen as cheap and tacky, it may also cause offence to some clients.

What to do

  • Plan ahead. Gift giving is something that should be planned well in advance. Organise a team to come up with ideas for each client months before you intend to send the present. How much time you spend on choosing the right corporate gift is often more important than the cost. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. How would you react if you received an obviously poorly planned gift? Probably not so good.
  • Personalise each gift. One sure way to strengthen a business relationship is to buy a gift that is tailored to the company. Your business clients will appreciate receiving individual gifts rather than generic presents. A package that has been designed with care will resonate with the recipient, and will help to boost the business relationship.
  • Highlight presentation. Take care to wrap the gift, or have it professionally wrapped for you. Presentation is everything and you should always be prepared to spend a little extra time and money on getting this right. Often this added touch is as important as the present itself.
  • Make the gift practical. This is one of the key factors givers should consider when buying a corporate gift. According to Singapore-based industry advisory group Human Resources, making it useful demonstrates to the client that genuine thought has gone into the selection.

Advantages of gift hampers for corporate clients

Corporate gift hampers solve the problem of gift giving for executives. Each one can be individualised depending on the taste of the recipient. For example, if the person is a wine buff, the hamper may include quality wines. The same if they love chocolate or prefer gluten-free products.

However, it will pay to organise your corporate gift hamper early, particularly if you are planning for Christmas. Getting your orders in plenty of time gives hamper companies, like us, the chance to order in stock. This is particularly so if you choose non-local products as part of the hamper.

Choosing your own hampers for your clients is more than just a great exercise in corporate gift giving. It’s great fun!

Just in Time Gourmet has a wide range of hamper items available with more lines added each week. Creating your own individualised corporate gift hamper has never been easier. However, if you’re rushed for time, we also have a wide selection of pre-designed hampers for delivery in both Perth and across Australia.

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