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26 March 2020

5 Ways to Stay Connected and Show You Care with Foodie Essentials

Every crisis has a silver lining.

Today more than ever, it’s important to stay connected.

During these uncertain times, there are few practical ways to foster positivity and share the good in a surreal and isolating world.

Small moments of happiness are a core ingredient to cope in any crisis. Things may be changing by the minute but food, companionship and comfort still remain important.

Struggling to stay connected with loved ones? Social distancing restrictions and quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t put a smile on their face. The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and these foodie essentials have all the goodness to fuel many happy moments.

Food plays a vital part in nourishment, love and comfort. Here’s how to use food to lift moods and connect.

care package1. Find the Ultimate Care Package

If you or someone you know needs the perfect pick-me-up, send some deliciousness with a bundle of care.

Our care packages include gourmet foods, sauces, snack-packs, beverages, wines and premium liqueurs to lift the spirits of someone you care about. They can help families strengthen connections and offer comfort to those in lockdown.

Comfort food is full of mood-lifting properties. Think back to your Nan’s favourite cookie recipe with hot chocolate or tea. People crave comfort food because they serve as happy reminders of family and friends in times of stress, sickness or isolation.

Our top care package picks are:

  1. Call The Doctorwhen relaxing tea, emergency chocolate and the healing goods of honey are needed
  2. Best Of The Westgo local with these gourmet treats; date night in with your partner or a platter night with the family

Tip: All care packages are customisable if you would like to add any extra goodies. To liven up family time or keep the kids and adults entertained, add a retro game to one of the hampers.

Party Supplies2. Stock Up On Pantry Supplies

A lot of households are low on pantry supplies.

Reach out and gift the essentials to stock up a hungry pantry. Items like savoury sauces, cooking oils, condiments, marinades and tea and coffee are practical supplies which are always welcomed. Ideal to whip up a meal or sustaining snack with, or simply bring a loved one some joy.

Choose goods that can replicate a special outing from the comfort of home. Gourmet supplies sourced locally including pasta sauce with roasted peppers, turmeric spices, black truffle risotto and caramelised balsamic vinegar offer an at-home picnic without the hassle.

Tip: If you’re stocking up on individual supplies or want to send loose products to someone, we can pack your products in a recyclable carton. To choose the gift-wrap option, add supplies to a gift hamper.

home cooked meals

3. Home-Cooked Meals

Food to feed the family is a helpful way to provide normality and ease the stress for the whole family.

If you’re good in the kitchen, use your skills to create wholesome food. More time at home encourages time to connect through cooking. Teach the kids how to cook, challenge yourself with a new recipe or put together pre-made home-cooked meals for those nights when no one can be bothered.

Share the love by sending recipes you’ve made to friends or family to try. Better yet, if they’re nearby, cook their favourite feast and drop it to their doorstep as a surprise. Make sure you practice safe food preparation and handling.

Tip: Working from home? Increase productivity with the right foods like berries, salmon, eggplant, green tea, eggs, bananas or dark leafy greens. Try a vegan sauce in your next dish or cook a plant-based recipe to perform productively.

sweet treats

4. Don’t Forget the Sweet Treats

Who said chocolate wasn’t essential?

Spoil yourself or a loved one in tough times with a little bit of sweetness. Whether your best friend has a weakness for creamy chocolate or your partner is a sucker for ice-cream drowned in sweet sauce, find an irresistible treat to bring some happiness into someone’s day. Or if you’re feeling naughty, browse some sweet snacks you can indulge in on your own.

Community Garden5. Start a Communal Veggie Garden

Pool together with neighbours, friends or family to pitch in for a veggie garden.

If there’s one person in the group who’s already got the space and green thumb for the project, encourage others to put in for seedlings, drip-irrigation and maintenance. Or, have each household grow a small amount of produce each to swap once ready to eat.

The idea is to create a fresh produce space where the harvest can be divided and shared. It can be as simple as you and another household or as large as space permits.

Growing a veggie garden comes with multiple benefits too. Gardening reduces stress, improves health by consuming more healthy goods, encourages outdoor exercise, helps the environment and reduces grocery spend.

At Just In Time Gourmet, we believe in distributing a little happiness through food and thoughtful gifts. We offer free shipping throughout the Perth metropolitan area (including same-day delivery) for orders over $100 and $15 for regional WA and eastern states, so your goodies are delivered to you or your special someone quickly. View our delivery information.

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