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29 May 2014

Celebrating black truffle season

We are celebrating black truffle season, with a blog post about these magnificent culinary delights. Truffles are known around the world, for their expensive price tag and unique flavour that is difficult to describe. Every person who enjoys consuming truffles will have their own words to describe the experience – earthy, musky, nutty and even mysterious.

The Truffle and Wine Co in Manjimup

Just In Time Gourmet have a close association to The Truffle and Wine Co in Manjimup – the largest producer of superior perigord truffles in the southern hemisphere. We are their Western Australian distributor for truffle products and some fresh truffles, and we are proud to be associated with this local business and their fine, gourmet truffles.

Truffles in Perth

Many Perth restaurants have specific truffle dinner evenings that we get to attend throughout the season, which generally runs from late May to early August. We are continuously delighted by the different approaches to using truffles in local Perth restaurants. Our tastebuds are always tempted and inspired by the new recipes each year.

Keep an eye on some of these wonderful Perth restaurants as they announce their Truffle themed dinners, Incontro Restaurant, The Gala Restaurant and Darlington Estate during the season.  This is just a small selection of restaurants that dedicate an evening to these culinary delights, with the events always booking out, so definitely get in early.

Tips for eating and storing fresh truffles

  • Truffle ProductsTruffles are a flavour enhancer because they contain glutamic acid, which means they go with any kind of food, especially savoury foods.
  • Try adding truffles to simple dishes that include the ingredients of eggs, potatoes, rice, Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms, chicken, pasta and celeriac.
  • Include fats or oils in your cooking with truffles as these will help retain the distinct flavour.
  • Shave your truffles as finely as possible, as this will promote more flavour to be released.
  • Truffles continuously lose moisture and weight and are best stored in the refrigerator, with each truffle wrapped in a separate paper towel.
  • If your truffles develop white mould on them, brush it off under cool, running water.
  • For best results, use your fresh truffles within 7-10 days of them being harvested.
  • Fresh truffles are seasonal, so get to know your local truffle supplier and get your truffles on time!

Trying truffles for the first time

If you are keen to try truffles for the first time, a great way to start is by purchasing truffle products. Just In Time Gourmet has a truffle hamper and a huge range of individual truffle products that can introduce you to the fine aromas of truffles, before you extend your taste buds further to fresh truffles when they are in season.

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