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23 January 2018

6 Date Ideas for Perth Food Lovers

6 Date Ideas for Perth Food Lovers

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or you’re just looking for something to do on date night, there are so many delicious & creative date ideas for food-loving Perthians.

From ideas that involve eating your way around our great city of Perth, to a more relaxed night in with all the essentials – we have you covered.

As they say, for some of us, a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So, if you and your bae love bonding over food, then these date ideas will really get you salivating.

1. Chocolate & Wine Matching by Candlelight

Have you already gone weak at the knees just from reading that title? This ‘at home’ date idea can be as educational or as sultry as you want to make it.

What we would suggest, is buying the ultimate chocolate selection made specifically to match with wine (Cuvee Chocolate Wine Connoisseurs Collection), grab the suggested wine matches, light some candles and voila – instant romantic foodie heaven.

With the dim lighting, it’ll encourage you and your partner to let your senses indulge in the aromas and tastes of the wine and chocolate. And if you really want to wow your date, then do some prior research via the notes in the Cuvee Chocolate box and check out the creator, Deniz Karaca.

Cuvee Chocolate Wine Connoisseurs Collection

2. A Degustation

Perth has numerous degustation dinner and lunch ideas. With each degustation offering something unique and special. Our list of dego’s to try is extensive. We have heard from local Perth foodies that the following are absolutely mouth-watering:

  • Red Cabbage – The Full Monty Degustation $95 per person
  • Rustico Tapas in Rockingham – 6-course degustation $65 per person or with wine $119/$150
  • Wildflower (COMO The Treasury) – 5-course tasting menu $145 per person

A degustation takes a decent amount of time, so we suggest you switch the phones off (or perhaps onto airplane mode, so you can still take some foodie snaps – it’s hard to resist at times!) and concentrate on what’s on your plates and your partner.

3. Picnic Date

Picnics can be so underrated, but they are one of our favourite ways to explore the greater Perth area. Whether your love is a beachgoer, a hiker, an animal lover or enjoys being in amongst grape vines, the location you choose can really heighten the experience of a picnic date.

Add in a picnic hamper full of some tasty food and drinks and you have the perfect date idea.

Even if your partner is not a nature lover, there’s no one here who says you can’t have an inside picnic. Go on, create a fort made out of sheets in the living room and have your very own glamping-picnic. You know you want to!

PS: If you’re looking for romantic lookouts and parks for the Perth-fect picnic, check this out.

4. Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who are we to ‘diss-a-brie’

Whether you love it ooey-gooey, rich and strong or mouth-wateringly melted – cheese lovers in Perth have so many date options to choose from. If you and your babe are dedicated fans of the cheese, then why not make a day of it by visiting some of Perth’s cheesiest spots:

  • Fromage Artisans in the city which is a bar and a shop
  • The Little Cheese Shop in Bayswater
  • The Cheese Barrel in the Swan Valley for some expert cheese and wine matching
  • The Boulevard Hotel in Floreat run Formaggio Galore events, aka all you can eat cheese afternoons

Or why not learn how to master the skill of raclette or fondue at home if you’d much rather enjoy your cheese indulgence in stretchy pants in front of the telly.

5. Pamper Yourselves with Food Beauty Products

Our favourite foods can also double as glamorous beauty and well-being products. So why not mix-up your next date with your food-loving partner and instead spend an afternoon or evening pampering yourselves with food inspired body products. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • WineSpa: The WineSpa range from The Lake House in WA’s Denmark are wine-infused beauty products with aromatherapy oils for the ultimate relaxation
  • Coffee Scrub: A coffee body scrub will exfoliate your skin and leave your skin feeling super smooth and fresh – not to mention having the added pleasure of enjoying the coffee aromatics why you (or your loved one) apply the scrub
  • Whipped Avocado, Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask – need we say anymore all you smashed avo lovers out there?

Be creative and try something different with your food on your next date night!

6. Exotic Asian Food Adventure (tip from the bosses!)

This is a pretty extravagant date idea, however, we learned from the best. Recently our head honcho’s – Jodee and Justin snuck away for a foodie holiday in Koh Samui, Thailand. We were all certainly jealous of their abroad foodie adventures and completely agree that it’s a great idea!

Here in Perth, we are lucky enough to be so close to Asia, so whether you choose Thailand, Malaysia or even Bali for a quick weekend getaway – there are plenty of tasty food adventures you can have.

Whether you go out or stay in, there are plenty of loved-up date ideas for Perth food lovers to indulge in. And If you’re still stuck for ideas, why not check out our range of Valentine’s Day hampers to help work up a hunger.

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