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20 December 2016

2017 Gift Giving Holidays & Occasions Not to Be Missed

As 2016 draws to a close, you may not have even thought about important gift giving dates for 2017. But this is the perfect time to get organised for the upcoming year. Stores are awash with gorgeous calendars, planners and diaries for the new year to help you keep organised and on top of everything that you need to remember in 2017.

Planning out your future gift giving right now may not be your main priority but the sooner you get organised the easier it will be!

Important gift giving holiday dates in 2017:

  • Chinese New Year – Saturday 28th January
  • Valentine’s Day – Tuesday 14th February
  • Easter Sunday – Sunday 16th April
  • Mother’s Day – Sunday 14th May
  • Father’s Day – Sunday 3rd September
  • Christmas – Monday 25th December

But wait, there’s more…

As well as these standard holidays, don’t forget about the birthdays of your family and close friends. Throughout the year you’ll no doubt have other special occasions arise, such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, graduations, and other celebrations.

Sometimes, you don’t even need a specific reason to give a gift – a ‘just because’ gift is ideal when you want someone to know that they mean the world to you!

Tips to keep on top of all these dates

With life being lived at such a hectic pace these days, it can be easy for important dates to be inadvertently forgotten or left right until the last minute. Luckily there are a few ways to keep on top of your important gift giving dates to make sure that you aren’t running around at the eleventh hour trying to source the perfect gift, or ensure you don’t completely forget until it’s too late!

If you like to be old school and keep everything written down, now is the time to head to the shops and grab yourself a brand new 2017 calendar or diary/planner. This way you can write down all the important dates you’ll need throughout the year so you don’t forget anyone. Remember that you’ll need to add dates that crop out throughout the year as well. A fridge calendar or desk calendar is also a great way to make quick notes on specific dates that you don’t want to miss – pick whichever you’re likely to look at the most!

If technology is more your thing, there are a multitude of apps these days that can help you keep on top of your to do list and important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and other regular celebrations. Download your favourite app or simply use the calendar app that’s probably on your phone already.

The advantage of keeping your reminders in an app is that there is usually an option to set the event or reminder as a recurring one – so birthdays and anniversaries only need to be input once and every year they’ll be there waiting for you! You can also set reminders to notify you 1, 2 or however many days or weeks in advance. This gives you plenty of time to find the right gift for that special someone (just don’t keep snoozing your reminders like you do your alarm clock!).

The feeling of knowing you’ve forgotten a special occasion or knowing you’re not prepared for it can be quiet upsetting so make sure this summer holiday you get on top of your gift giving plan of attack for 2017.

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