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17 June 2016

12 Delicious Black Truffle Recipes

12 Black Truffle Recipes - Just In Time Gourmet
Welcome to fresh truffle season Perth! We can’t be more excited that the famous Manjimup black truffles are now available for your consumption.

Here at Just In Time Gourmet we are supplying a few retail stores with 10-30 gram truffles for your home-cooking pleasure. We can also do special orders, so give us a buzz on 1300 667 992 if you’re interested in hunting some truffles down this winter.

In the meantime, we thought we’d get you all excited with a number of absolutely to-die-for recipes we have come across online using both fresh truffles and truffle products like truffle oil and truffle salt. Check them out below and make sure to take a photo of your creation and post it to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.

Truffle Hill Mushroom & Truffle Tapenade - Just In Time Gourmet1. Truffle & Tapenade Pizza by The Truffle & Wine Co

Drooooool! Who can imagine a few slices of this in front of the fire during winter or out on the patio in summer with a beer in hand? We can! This delicious recipe incorporates delectable mushroom and truffle tapenade available all year round for your dining pleasures. Check out the recipe here.

2. Gluten Free Truffled Vegan Mac & Cheese by ChompChomp

We can’t get enough of local Perth blogger, ChompChomp. This twist on your classic mac and cheese takes the dish to new levels and throws in a bit of classy elegance. Not only does the dish have fresh black truffle in for garnishing, but it also uses truffle oil. That’s what we like to call, truffle two ways! We love that its vegan and gluten free too! Check out the recipe here.

3. Black Truffle Shitake Mushroom and Roast Chicken Risotto by What Katie Ate

This delectable recipe uses about 10 grams of fresh black truffle shaved over top of the dish with some extra finely grated parmesan. We can only imagine this is what you dine on when people say that they are ‘in food heaven’.

4. Truffle Potato Gnocchi by The Truffle & Wine Co

Potato Gnocchi sounds like it might be tricky to make, but in fact it’s quite easy. Team your homemade gnocchi with this luscious creamy, Chardonnay, spinach and onion sauce and you have perfection on the plate. With of course a generous grating of black truffle to top it off. Drool over the recipe here.

Truffle Hill Truffle Honey - Just In Time Gourmet5. Fig, Rosewater Ricotta & Truffle Honey Bruschetta by He Needs Food

Fresh figs are an absolute delight, they taste great and they look like a winner on any dish. This bruschetta recipe is topped off with truffle honey to give that finger-lickin’ good taste at the end. Tempt your taste buds with the recipe here.

6. Dishes Enhanced with Truffle Salt by Babble

We bet you would never guess how versatile truffle salt is! Truffle salt is the perfect way to enhance both sweet and savoury dishes. Over at Babble they give you the low-down on 15 delicious ways to use truffle salt. Plus our own Australian made, Ogilvie & Co’s truffle salt is right at your fingertips.

7. Truffle Fettuccine with Cream and White Wine by Chew Town

We can only liken the name of this recipe to Ryan Gosling, it just oozes deliciousness! With the addition of one small WA truffle the dish is taken to new heights and any truffle lover will be completely mesmerised. See the full recipe and tasty photos here.

8. Truffle Croque Monsieur by The Truffle & Wine Co

A ham and cheese jaffle with the addition of truffle butter – genius! This recipe just goes to show that adding a touch of truffle to a dish takes it from mmmm to MMMMMM! An easy ‘restaurant quality’ dish to serve up at home. Grab the recipe here.

9. Truffle Butter and more by The City Lane

Without a doubt you’re going to head over to The City Lane and not want to leave their truffle recipe ideas page. From truffle butter to truffle salt, all you truffle-addicts out there will be watering at the mouth. Check out the recipe ideas here.

10. Fettuccine with Portobello, Porcini & Black Truffle by He Needs Food

Not only will He Needs Food give you major food envy but you’ll also be wanting to book a holiday to Italy ASAP. We love hearing about people’s first encounters with the glorious black truffle and how this miraculous fungus converts you into a die-hard truffle lover 4 life. He Needs Food has put together a recipe based on a dish tasted in Italy and my oh my it sounds delectable. View the recipe here.

11. Bruschetta with Quail Egg, Truffle & Asparagus by Hungry Australian

This dish may sound like something you’d be served up in some of the country’s top restaurants – however this 5-ingredient recipe is more than doable in your home kitchen. The recipe uses truffle paste but you could also use truffle tapenade or even truffle mustard for that extra twist.

Pukara Estate Black Truffle Oil - Just In Time Gourmet12. Black Truffle-Pistachio Chocolate Cake by Sprinkle Bakes

Naturally we had to end this post off on a sweet note and this black truffle chocolate cake fits the bill perfectly! This recipe goes to show black truffles aren’t just for savoury dishes but that they also pair perfectly with chocolate. The truffle element is in the chocolate frosting where a small amount of black truffle oil is added. Check out the full recipe here.

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