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10 November 2017

10 Reasons Christmas Hampers are the Best Gift

10 Reasons Christmas Hampers are the Best Gift
It’s that time of year again. You either love Christmas shopping or you grit your teeth and try to get it over with as quickly as possible. It’s just one of those things.

Finding the best gifts that your family and friends will love can add unnecessary pressure to your already busy November and December schedule. Which is why we wanted to shine the light on Christmas hampers this year.

Naturally, hampers are what we do, but we simply just can’t get enough of them. We think they might be the Christmas shopping miracle you’ve been looking for. Here’s why:

1. They satisfy even the hardest to buy for

The great thing about hampers at Christmas time is that they satisfy both males and females, young and old. If you are perhaps buying a corporate gift, then a hamper will always have something in it to satisfy someone in the office. Plus, hampers and gift baskets make great Secret Santa presents too!

2. You can avoid the shops and buy them online

This must be one of the biggest pros about buying Xmas hampers. You don’t actually have to leave the house! Instead of battling the roads, finding a carpark and then making your way through the masses at the mall – you can instead get your trackies on, pour a big glass of red wine and do all your Christmas shopping from the couch.

Plus, some awesome hamper company’s we know (we won’t name anyone in particular) also offer free Perth metro delivery, so you don’t have to worry about extra shipping costs.

3. They are wrapped and presented beautifully

You won’t need to worry about forking out cash for gorgeous wrapping paper that will be ripped up in seconds or spending an entire night wrapping presents any longer. With a Christmas hamper, it comes all wrapped and ready to be put in the hands of the lucky recipient. Let the hamper company do the work for you, so you can spend more time downing champagne and egg-nog. Responsibly of course.

4. They come in all budget ranges

Whether you want to spend $60 or $300+, there’s an option for every budget.

5. Food hampers are practical

With practical gifts, at least you know they’re going to be used. Or in this case, eaten! As they say, the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his/her stomach. And you can never have too much food at Christmas, right?

6. They are full of unique quality products that you don’t find everywhere

A good quality food hamper, won’t have your standard supermarket products in. Typically, they are full of unique products that you don’t come by every day. Which is good and bad. Bad in the sense that if someone loves a product a lot then you may have to help them track down more of it.

Psssst… Just In Time Gourmet can help you out with finding your must-have products again, plus you can purchase products individually, not just in a hamper!

7. You can reuse the box, basket or container it comes in

Depending on the hamper you buy, many these days come in beautiful baskets, ice buckets or re-usable containers which you can then use again. If you order a boxed-hamper, then the resident cat/s will also have their own little Christmas joy (pro tip: cut windows and doors in the box for extra fun kitty shenanigans).

8. It’s a ton of presents in one

With a hamper, you’re not just unwrapping one present, but many little presents. The lucky recipient will be able to go through each of the products one-by-one as everyone else in the room salivates with jealousy.

9. You can personalise it

With options like create your own hamper you can hand pick (or should we say, ‘hand click’ in the online world) every product that goes into the hamper. So, if you know the lucky recipient well, you can pick out all their favourites to completely tailor it to their personal tastes. Or why not have a colour theme to your hamper, for instance, choose all red products; think raspberry melting moments, chilli sauce and red wine.

10. It’s unique & unexpected!

It’s not your typical gift – no one puts down ‘Christmas Hamper’ on their wish list, do they? Instead it’s always books, clothes, fishing gear, etc. It’s that delightful unexpected present that no doubt they’ll be talking about well into the following year. And between you and us, we have a feeling everyone will be asking Santa for a hamper next year!

Christmas is the time of year for good food and company. We have no doubt a gourmet food hamper will make the season just that little bit merrier. If you need help or advice on buying for that special someone this Christmas, make sure to get in touch today.

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